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THE 1 IN 8 RIDE 2015


One in Eight women will get some form of Breast Cancer.    


My name is Mike Nelson. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife and two boys ages 9 and 10. In late September of 2013 my wife Christi received her first mammogram (she turned 40 in August) and was diagnosed with Stage 2b breast cancer.The journey over the last 22 months and counting has been filled with a lifetime of ups and downs.


Seeing her endure the rigors of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, emergency room visits, and radiation has been both inspirational and heart breaking. I’m sure I speak for any caregiver of someone who is battling cancer, the one thing you wish you could do… is more. 


    So this is my plan to do more.


The 1 in 8 Ride. In honor and support of the One in Eight women who will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer throughout their lives.I am doing a cross country motorcycle ride for breast cancer awareness from San Francisco to New York City. Departing on Thursday 10/1/2015 to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month.


Get the ride details here THE RIDE and you can DONATE to help raise funds to crush breast cancer.Thank You,

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